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All  Holistic/Immunity/Detox    Therapy's    Benefits   -   Restrictions   -   Preparation


Weight loss, Cellulite reduce, Beauty appearance enhancement, Allergy/Sinus, Dermatopathy, Cervical Spondylosis,

Sciatic Nerve Pain, Cerebellum Atrophy, Andrology (Prostatitis, Impotence), Insomnia, Apoplexy,

Cerebral Thrombus Sequela, Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands,

Face Neuritis, Frozen shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,

Gynecological Diseases (Dysmenorrhea), Rheumatoid, Arthritis,

Stroke Prevention & Recovery, Blood circulation problem, 

Kidney Stone, Cholelithiasis/Gallstone, Hypertension/Hypo-tension,

Injury/surgery recovery, Endocrine Regulation, Migraine, etc.


Menstrual period, Severe bleeding, Heart or renal failure, Severe hypertension/hypo-tension, Severe anemia, Heat sensory disturbances, Caesarean section not completely healed, Open wound, Infection or contagious diseases, Particularly weak energy, Allergy to such kinds of herbs or plants...some treatments also restrict to the pregnancy ladies, and someone who has foreign items inside the body such e.g. implants, peacemaker. etc...(Consult with your doctor if any concerns you may have before the treatment)



In order to get the full benefits and a truly enjoyable experience from our TCM Natural Healing Detox Therapy Treatments, please do not eat too full or in hungry level at least 30 minutes before your appointment time, and not taking low temperature drinks or shower/bath, or exposure to low setting air conditioning during or after 30 min of the treatments, but drinking plenty of warm water (add honey, brown sugar or tea is recommended) are greatly helps for a better circulation and energy flow, in hence allowing the body eradicate and expunge toxins more efficiently. Optionally if bring an extra shorts or underwear for some of our Heat Steam Sweating therapy.

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