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Health, Beauty and longevity are ageless trends and that will never fade away. Throughout history one question has always remained: How can we slow down or even reverse the aging process and avoid the diseases, so we can stay healthy, beauty and longer life optimally? Though we cannot yet reverse the natural aging process or avoid some causes of the health issues, but there definitely some of ways we can effectively slow the aging, and minimize many diseases or even to avoid the occurs.

Cupping Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) had already experimented and recorded in more than 5000 years ago which in numerable ways how the human body conditions could be associated with the nature and within, in the form of natural remedies and inner body's healthy energy flow, often referred to as the balance of Yin & Yang. When that connection is out of balance, our health and beauty are negatively impacted so the problems occurs, and the aging process speeds. Yet if we don't adjust 

Detoxifying the blood, Dredges the Meridians,

Strengthen the physical, Relax the mind, Nourish the spirit,  

Estimate free radicals, Stimulate body cells, Flexible the ligaments

To stay in Health, in Beauty, in Peace, and in the happiness we deserves.  


the body systems back in function which is fix the original root cause, but only treat the roof of that problem symptom, then we can never totally obtain or regain our long term health and beauty effectively.​

TCM sheds a light on many diverse paths to ageless health and beauty, utilizing alternative holistic therapy to balance the body’s Yin & Yang based on individual health conditions, to awaken and regenerate our stagnant body cells, blood circulation, muscles and ligaments flexibility, so they can maintain optimum function and stay energized. Also by stimulating Meridians which reflect one another (A form of Acupressure), it can strengthen our natural immune system and detoxify the body toxin affected by the external environment pollution such like the Air / Noise; the out control stress emotions from hectic and fast paced life situations or imbalanced hormones, the pesticide residues in vegetables and vivo growth hormone deposited in farmed animal meat, thus making this one of the best alternative to maintain or repair our body stay in optimal function.

Body react to universe


Cupping / Guasha

Holistic Massages & Reflexologies

External herbal remedies, Internal herbal Medicine

Non-Needle Acupoint-Meridian-Electro-Magneto-Thermos Therapy

Though these not a cure all pill, there's a reason practitioners of TCM are some of the longest lived and healthiest people in the world. 

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