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Add-in Hot-Stones


  • 1 minutes
  • $20/30
  • 406 West Grand Parkway, Ste 280. Katy. Texas-77494

Service Description

Great release for muscle/joint pain, spasm, tummy aches, frozen shoulder, sciatic/lower-back pain, Knee pain, etc. Great benefits for arthritis or any discomforts, aches which bothered body performance. The Thermal effects much deeper may reach underneath of the skin layer to 0.2-1 cm, after treatment, the localized skin mostly turns to fresh pink, local skin temperature can be increased 8-18 ℃. and the Paraffin or clay Herbal Treatment has strong and long-lasting warm effect, can withstand higher skin temperature to 55-65 ℃. Effects: Promote Circulations: During the treatment, the local skin blood vessels dilates, it promoting blood circulation and nutrition improving processes, and strengthening cell membrane permeability, Conducive to the absorption within the lymph and blood tissue exudates, and reduce tissue edema, Applicable early acute inflammation or trauma, contusions, enhance the local and even systemic secretion of sweat glands. Rapidly breaking up the fat and greatly for weight loss & cellulite tissue on legs and stomach or other targeted area, the effect of blood circulation is 20 times stronger than manual massage. Great desire for lymphatic drainage , it sculptures body shape and contour, to eliminate edema, rashes, dryness of the skin, eliminate the fat.

Cancelation Policy

* Read "Booking-Policy" page before submitting your appointment. * 50% of original service rate must be paid as your deposit in commit to the therapist schedule slot you selected. * For Gift-card, Membership, Package paid client can skip the online deposit by chose "Offline Payment" to complete the booking, the 50% of original service rate deposit requirement will be withheld from your payment credit if a cancellation or no-show case against our policy. * 10 mins prior appointment time arrival required to avoid your session being rushed and/or lose some of your session minutes.

Contact Details

  • 406 West Grand Parkway South, Katy, TX, USA


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