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About  Our  Team


Holistic/TCM training background & practitioner 


May was coincidentally becoming an apprenticeship from 2 famous TCM Doctors Shuang Zhao, Guiyu Zhang, and a Master blind Massage Therapist Mr. Wang in North-East Physio-Therapy Institute & Clinic in 1999. At same time May also successfully graduated from an Advanced Esthetician/Cosmetology Institute in her home contry. She expertized on Pain Management, Spinal rehabilitation and alignment, circulation-related health problems such as stroke, allergy, arthritis, anxieties, or such kind of underlying health ailemnt. She utilizes the Holistic Massage, Reflexology, TCM Guasha/Cupping Therapy, External Herbal Therapy, and Digital-New-Techs to banlance her clients body Yin-Yang energy to dredge the Blood & Qi pathway blockages in-turn healing body naturally and effectively. May herself is also very passionate about how to live in a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually through her learning and practice daily, and enjoyed delivering her positive energy to her clients and the surroundings.

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