An TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) natural health remedies holistic healing Spa serve in Katy of Texas, offer you the excellent experience of Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Detox Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Facial & Body Skincare,  and much more for your natural beauty and health retreat!

The Spa operates by Clinical training Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner background since 2001, Multi-Licensed/Certificated, and years experienced Massage Therapist, Esthetician.

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In Holistique Spa, we utilizing TCM theory and philosophy with our mastered and innovative techniques into traditional skincare and massage therapy, to optimally soothe your muscle/nerve pain or aches, improve the joint flexibility and mobility, dredges the blood and Qi (energy) pathway, stabilize the 5 elements of health factors, balance your body Yin & Yang for the positive energy and blood flow,  detoxifying and rid the free radicals out of your body, melting the stubborn knots and blockage which built from our daily life of physical and emotional stress, stimulating and awaken those stagnant muscle, nerve and body cells, proactive and preventive with beauty & health problem occurs or exists, so to enhance your healthy beauty appearance from inner out...

Moxibustion Far-Red Infrared Therapy

Your visit to us will served by our knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, customer-focused Massage Therapist and Esthetician here, to give you a comprehensive consultation when you come to any questions or concerns, and provide you the customized beauty or health therapy for either specific area/s, or the full body with Massage, Detox Therapy or Facial/Body Skincare Treatment, or a combination service with the great relaxation experience and therapeutic result, not just in the session or right after, yet will benefit you for a long term after back into your daily life.


Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced.


Caring, clean, relaxing, comfort atmosphere


 Natural, Herbal, Paraben-Free, Top - of - Line Carefully selected


 Rejuvenating, Therapeutic, Naturopathic, Meditating, for your health & beauty retreat. 


7 days open

   8am - 7pm ​​ ​

406 W. Grand Pkwy S. Ste280, Katy, TX-77494

(Frontage road of South Grand Pkwy and Intersect I-10 Fwy)