At Holistique Healing Spa, we offer customers natural body healing remedies for your health and beauty indulgence, for your relaxation, therapeutic, naturalistic, preventive, pro-active immunity therapy needs. Our big variety of services includes: 

  • Body Massages: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Pain-Relief, Medical/Sport Massage, Lymphatic, Holistic, Prenatal, Injury/Surgery recovery, Liposuctions/ TummyTuck/ BBL drainage/recovery, Youth-Development, etc.

  • Facial/Body Skincare (Hydrating, Lifting, Firming, Acne healing, Anti aging, Deep cleansing, Exfoliating, Extractions, Waxing Hair Removal, etc.

  • Immunity Massage: TCM Guasha/Cupping, Healing-dragon, AcuQi Energy-Flow, Cavitation, RF/Ultrasonic, Cellulite, Body contouring/Sculpting, etc.

  • Reflexology (Feet, Abdomen, Head/Face, Hands, Ears, etc.);

  • Detox-Therapy (Moxa Far red infrared dry Sauna, Aroma herbal wet Sauna, Infrared detox Body-wrap), etc.

  • And more services on page SERVICE-RATE.

Moxibustion Far-Red Infrared Therapy
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We utilize TCM theory and philosophy with innovative, mastered techniques into traditional massage therapy and facial/body skincare, to:

  • Optimally soothe your muscle/nerve pain or aches,

  • Improve the joint flexibility and mobility,

  • Dredges the blood and Qi (energy) pathway, stabilize the five elements of the body health factors,

  • Balance body Yin & Yang for positive energy and blood flow, 

  • Detoxifying and rid of body free radicals,

  • Melt the stubborn knots and blockages which build  up from the emotional and physical stresses of daily life,

  • Stimulate and awaken stagnant muscle, nerve and body cells,

  • Offer proactive and preventive treatments for  beauty or health problem where exist,

  • Enhance the healthy beauty appearance from inside out.

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During your visit you will be taken care by our knowledgeable, experienced, customer-focused, skilled, and Licensed Massage Therapist/Esthetician. Our staff are here to give you a comprehensive consultation before your session begins, answer your questions or concerns, and provide you with a customized beauty or health therapy for either a specific area, or a full body Massage, Facial/Body Skincare, Detox Therapy, or to have the option of a combined service with greater relaxation and a therapeutic result. It will provide long term benefits in your daily life.


Knowledgeable, skilled, experienced.


Caring, clean, relaxing, comfort atmosphere


 Natural, Herbal, Paraben-Free, Top - of - Line Carefully selected


 Rejuvenating, Therapeutic, Naturopathic, Meditating, for your health & beauty retreat. 


Open 7 days

8:30am ~ 7:30pm

406 W. Grand Pkwy S. Ste 280, Katy, TX-77494

( Inside PARK PLAZA and corner of BB's Restaurant from intersection S. Grand Pkwy @ w I-10 Fwy )