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Relaxing     *     Healing             Holistic    *   Naturopathic             Preventive     *     Proactive

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406 w. Grand Pkwy s. Ste 280. Katy, TX-77494

One person . Couple . Group . Prenatal . Teen to Elderly

Invest health for your wealth! Prevention before prescription! 
Maintain, Healing, Enhance beauty and health naturally from inside out and without negative side effect!

TCM theory and philosophy with innovative, mastered techniques added into tradition body massage and face/body skincare!

Relax/Detox/De-Stress; AcuQi Massage Ache/Pain-relief/Rang of Mothion

Cupping/Guasha Chronic/Acute Pain Management, Blood/Energy Flow Immunity Enhancement
Cosmetic (Lipo/TummyTuck
 etc)/Medical Surgeon, Injuries, Chemotherapy Lymphatic Massage Recovery

 Bio-wellness Body Sculpting/Contouring, Scar-tissue/Cellulite reduce, Aroma-Herbal Suana Steam/Wrap/Bath

Deep-Cleans, Exfoliates, Extraction, Restructure, Hydrate,Firm, Tone, Acne-healing, TCM facial Anti-aging/Lifting/Healing


De-stress, Detoxify, Relax the mind and body.

Balance body Yin & Yang for positive energy and blood flow.

Optimally soothe the muscle/nerve pain or ache, Improve joint flexibility and mobility.

Melt the stubborn knots and blockages which build  up from the emotional and physical stress.

Stimulate and awaken stagnant nerve/muscle body cells. Proactive and preventive treatments for beauty and health

Stablize the five elements which affects natural health and Beauty. Enhance a healthy beauty appearance from inside out.

Our Staff

Knowledgeable, skilled, experienced.

Our Process

Caring, clean, relaxing, comfort atmosphere

Our Products

 Natural, Herbal, Paraben-Free, Top - of - Line Carefully selected

Our Service

 Rejuvenating, Therapeutic, Naturopathic, Meditating, for your health & beauty retreat. 

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