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Whole body Blood & Qi Unimpeded Healing Dragon: Through this treatment, the whole body blood and Qi are mobilized, the whole body cells, meridians, functions are activated. The heat process helps penetrate the special herbs powerful ingredient directly into the whole body. It stimulate hundreds of acupuncture points and meridians on the whole body which can balance body Yin and Yang, improve beauty and immunity, and delay the effects of aging.

Yin-Yang Balance Healing Dragon:  The Healing dragon working on Ren-Yin (Abdomen + Chest), Du-Yang (Back), and the nearby Yin/Yang Meridians, the brain, spinal cord and bone marrow are all interacted together which to increase immunity and prevent disease.

Head Healing Dragon:   Improve blood flow in the head, great help for insomnia, memory loss, headache, trigeminal neuralgia

Eyes / Nose / Ears Healing Dragon:  It can accelerate the blood circulation of the eye, enhance the transient activity of the cells, expand the wrinkles of the eyes, and have a strong improvement effect on glaucoma, pseudomyopia, floaters, windward eyes, crow's feet, dark circle eyes, and eye bags. (Restrict to the high intraocular pressure or blood pressure over 180); When the heat open up the Meridians, blood vessels on the nose, with the herb power ingredients absorbed into target area, its great helps for the Sinus problems; When the treatment for the ear, it helps improve the hearing loss, tinnitus hearing problems.

Facial Healing Dragon:  It regenerate cells while softening the skin, and can prevent wrinkles and firm the skin. It can effectively inhibit and break down melanin, dilute pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, and rejuvenate skin, soothing the facial nerves, stimulates Acupressure points and stagnant cells and muscles on the face.

Breast Healing Dragon:  Through the fire dragon on the meridians and central nervous system, it promotes the blood oxygen supply of the breast, enhances the female hormone, promotes the regeneration of breast collagen and elastin, nourishes the volume of the fat cells of the breast, and makes the breasts lift, firm and straight, to reaching the purpose of breast enhancement. After 30 minutes, massage with a breast enhancement cream, Guasha the breast to stimulate the central nervous system. 7 to 10 times in a series for a course of treatment.

Feet Healing Dragon:  The feet is detoxified through healing dragon therapy, which smooth the circulation in the tissue, enhances the body's inherent self-prevention and repair ability, regulates the knee, and has good effects on arthritis, joint pain, rheumatism, etc.

Weight loss Healing Dragon:  Massage with the loss weight cream to the area, follow with the healing dragon therapy, after this process then continue with specific Acupressure points continue massage to the area where needs to be treated. Through the healing dragon therapy to dredge the meridians, speed up metabolism, enhance the body's discharge of fat, and at the same time balance Yin and Yang and supplement kidney.

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