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As individualized Spa services go, our therapists fully commit to Pre-paid (Deposit/Membership/Package/Gift-card) appointments. To maintain a healthy customer-therapist-business relationship, and to respect all our staff's livelihood relying on serious appointments from this workplace, we ask that you, our valued client, please show us the same commitment and respect, follow our policies and preparation guidelines, for a great Holistic/Immunity/Detox therapy experience you deserve.

24+ Hours Appointment

 24+ hours ahead of Cancelation/Rescheduling request must be placed and via CALL OR TEXT MESSAGE ONLY (NO EMAILS).

Within 24+ Hours Appointment

There is no Cancelation or Rescheduling allowed and it will treat same as NO-SHOW case, which any form of your pre-paid payment for the session will immediately forfeit without a refund.

Courtesy Rescheduling Case by Case

Two (2) times Cancellations/Reschedules or One (1) time  No-show case might allow to reschedule within a month based on the reason of the causes. Three (3) times consecutive Cancellations/Reschedules or Two (2) time No-show case occured within same calenda year, it will result all your future appointments requires to be paid in full and upfront, and without any refund or any further cancellation/rescheduling, until our release of the restrictions based on qualification case by case.

Other Polices for your Awareness before booking

Refund: Under no circumstances will refund be issued for services rendered after 10 minutes from session start time. NO REFUND if failure to follow our Cancellation/Rescheduling/No-Show policy.

Tipping: Our service rates (original, package, membership, promotions, etc.) DOES NOT include any form of your tipping/gratuity to the therapist/s who served your session/s, the therapists have all their rights to deny a NO-or-LOW-TIP customer service request, as their knowledge gained through their continue education on body healing work, inovation on more techniques, years of hands-on experience, caring personality, all towards to benefits your natural physical health and beauty therapy and are most definitely deserving of your gratuity.

Arrival:  Please arrive TEN (10) minutes early prior each of your appointment time in order to get adequate time for preparation and consultation between you and your professional therapist/s, and start your session in time. Your late arrival will result yourself and your therapist/s being rushed from other following sessions, and you will only receive the remainder of your scheduled session time, and the payment will still be charged in full.

Deposit: 50% of your service rate MUST paid online/offline as a security deposit for your appointment commit. Prepaid customer (Package, Membership, Gift-card) can skip the deposit, and the required 50% of original rate security deposit will be deducted from your payment credit and all policies apply. 

​Gift-Card: eGift-card holder must provide the 16-digit number or order number, and total amount to us or noted into message area if you book online. Store-Gift-certificate please send us a photoshoot via text-message. The eGift-Card or Store-Gift-Certificate has no cash value and non-refundable. Holistique Healing Spa is not responsible for lost eGift-card or Store-Gift-certificate. The eGift Card or Gift-Certificates will be debited the service amount for any No-show appointments.

Pricing: We reserve the right to change our services and/or products price and promotion offers at any time without notice.

​Return Policy: We DO NOT accept returns after sold. We accept exchanges should any allergic reaction occurs, or we will be glad to offer you a store credit which can be used for future retail purchases or our Spa services.

Privacy Policy: Our highest commitment to your privacy. Your personal information is confidential. This includes your credit card info, address, phone numbers and email address on file. We do not share your personal information or email with third parties. We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information.

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