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Our Team


20 years Therapist Specialist

Holistic/TCM practitioner & Esthetician

In1999, May was coincidentally becoming an apprenticeship from 2 famous TCM Doctors Shuang Zhao, Guiyu Zhang, and a Master blind Massage Therapist Mr. Wang in North-East Physio-Therapy Institute & Clinic, At same time she also graduated from an Advanced Esthetician/Cosmetology Institute. After these specialization clinical training and supervision practice in Pain Management, Spinal rehabilitation and alignment, circulation-related health problems such as stroke, allergy, arthritis, anxieties, etc. it helped her well understand with health knowledge, equipped her with unique techniques for body-ache healing therapy through Holistic Massage, Reflexology, TCM Guasha/Cupping Therapy, Acu-Qi Energy Flow Massage; External Herbal Therapy, Yin-Yang/5 Elements balance, Blood & Qi pathway dredges, etc.

In 2008, May obtained a national Massage Therapist license and an Esthetician license in Texas, USA, and continuing her healer journey for her clients, and most her clientele was returning, referrals.


​As a much beyond Massage therapist and esthetician with all the strong training background, her never stop learning attitude, the passion in this never fade trend natural health and beauty industry, and her responsible and reliable personality, along with many years of her busy scheduled working experience, it allowed her helping lots of her clients in reducing or recovering their physical pains and other health problems, and first hand seen many miraculous results on how through the massage and TCM Detox Therapy changed people’s life into better, even herself had been the big beneficiary from these TCM natural therapy healed her lots health and beauty problems in her life. She is very passionate about how to live in a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually through her learning and practice daily, and enjoyed delivering her positive energy to her clients and the surroundings.

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